Month: August 2014

Using openweathermap api – part 1

Lets start from something simple – current weather data for your city.

One of module in my project is used to gather weather information. I was looking for something free and good and found It has API, so all we need to know is how to work with this API and how we want to use informations.

In few parts I will try to describe API and show simple code to read weather.


Moving to new place

Moved to new place, nice and quiet area. But no hispeed internet. Only 3G/4G.

I bought Tp-Link 4300 updated to alternative firmware, connected Huawei 173-u2 with Aero2 sim and everything is working. Its good news, but bad that Aero2 displays captcha every hour.

And seems my RpiCommad really hates this. Parsing weather crashes with invalid json 🙂
With slow connection, big pings and timeouts its good playground to add all exception

Another bad thing is garbage dump, with wind from its direction it really stinks. That gives me idea for another sensor 🙂

Testing testing, 1,2 ,3 ? BDD on the way

So it happens, new feature was added and everything went wrong. Changed so many lines and so many files that You got no idea what stopped working. It would be best to check everything.  It will take too long, and is almost impossible to check all.

Do you know this feeling ?

I do. And I just hit this spot again. Changed widget display engine and panel don’t work any more. Its easy to fix it but what else is wrong ? Is label working ? No idea 🙂

I made huge mistake at the beginning,  totally ignored automated tests. So its time to fix it! TDD and BDD are good but they helps you ‘create’ code but code already exists. Now I will try and add BDD tests to existing code and later follow BDD rules.

After much reading I will try behave. Time to learn again 🙂


Hurray! My first post.

It will take some time to add archive and explain what is going on with my Raspis and Gal. So with few words my goal is to create ‘intelligent’ home. But everything starts small. For now I’m working on basics, i2c keyboard, char displays and software that will join all parts together. I have main thread, workers and IOs (IOs – Input/Output systems). IOs is for example lcd or keyboard. Worker is weather grabber, mail checker or network monitor.

Today I finished first beta of window manager and widgets. So now I don’t have to write directly to screen but can create widgets, and window manager will take care of merging all visible widgets and send output to lcd buffer.

First post without images? Can’t be 🙂 Two pictures of command centre, new version (v4) based on RpiB+

RpiB+ v4

and old one (v3) with RpiB

RpiB v3