Hurray! My first post.

It will take some time to add archive and explain what is going on with my Raspis and Gal. So with few words my goal is to create ‘intelligent’ home. But everything starts small. For now I’m working on basics, i2c keyboard, char displays and software that will join all parts together. I have main thread, workers and IOs (IOs – Input/Output systems). IOs is for example lcd or keyboard. Worker is weather grabber, mail checker or network monitor.

Today I finished first beta of window manager and widgets. So now I don’t have to write directly to screen but can create widgets, and window manager will take care of merging all visible widgets and send output to lcd buffer.

First post without images? Can’t be 🙂 Two pictures of command centre, new version (v4) based on RpiB+

RpiB+ v4

and old one (v3) with RpiB

RpiB v3


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