Nosetests with nice output

We are using nosetests for tests. Its basic output is quite simple:

pi@raspberrypi ~/workspace/lcdmanager $ nosetests
Ran 32 tests in 1.859s


Only dots without any usefully information. If we use -v switch, we improve output:

pi@raspberrypi ~/workspace/lcdmanager $ ./tests
test_pane.TestPane.test_add_widget ... ok
test_pane.TestPane.test_correct_init ... ok
test_pane.TestPane.test_it_should_render_widget_from_top ... ok
test_pane.TestPane.test_it_should_render_widget_two_labels ... ok
test_pane.TestPane.test_should_get_widget_by_name ... ok

Much better, we can see more details. But output can be much better.

I installed Spec extension for nosetests. Its easy to install:

sudo pip install spec

Now when we run:

nosetests --with-specplugin

We have very nice output:

- add widget
- correct init
- it should render widget from top
- it should render widget two labels
- should get widget by name

Output is much better and more user friendly. It also force us to use better test names 🙂



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