Month: March 2016

Piader v2 – views

In this article we will work on views and create our first view for home tab. We could put all code into one file but it would be a mess. So lets take a different approach, we will create a separate file for each view. Next we will work on button widget and create quit game action. Don’t forget that Piader is a tool to improve LCDManager.


Piader v2 – skeleton

LCDmanger doesn’t care about application logic its job is to display. So its up to us and application to use events and change views. Each app may have different actions and effects.

So what now ?
Simple we will create new project Piader and use LCD Manager as external package. This way we will have two separate projects. And we may focus on develop them separately.


LCD Manager – part 7: button widget and events

Time for something new, imagine that we rewrite Piader to use LCD Manager. We want simple start screen, game screen and maybe options. We can use pane widget to simulate tabs. But how to change between them ? On main screen how to create actions like start game or quit ?

This will require buttons 🙂 But using buttons imply using events and this goes well with event server. And this is something interesting.
Imagine out start screen. With 3 buttons, first to start game, second with options and third to quit. First problem how to change between them and call action? And before that, what to use as input ?

We need to write an event server, a thread that will wait for events and propagate them to manager and widgets.
But easy things first. We will create widget button and attach action to it.