Month: April 2016

LCD Manager – display server

Our LCD Manager would be better with display server, something that will take care of rendering at constant FPS. If you look at Piader v2 you see that there is a main_loop function. In it we refresh lcd content at some fps but it is quite annoying because it shouldn’t be our problem. Manager should take care of it.

Our task for now: add display server.



Making CharLCD compatible with Python3

We have working LCD and LCD Manager library. They works on Python 2.7 but not v3. I thought about making them v3 compatible but before that I had to upgrade my system. And this was bad idea 🙂

Problem with SD card and free space forced me to change system drive to USB. And then everything went from bad to worse 🙂 But after 5 hours system was back to being ok.

As first we need to port CharLCD. After reading I started porting.


Piader v2 – scoreboard

We have a nice game and we may play it. But there is one problem we don’t see number of lives and our score. In this article we will create another view and position it on second display. I played with 40×4 for game and 20×4 for score but ended with one lcd with two vlcds 🙂

We will also do something with difficulty as we have such setting it would be nice that it would do something

And of course we can’t forget about bugs, we will fix few along the way.


LCD Manager – part 8: widget canvas

Thinking about Piader game view brought me to conclusion that we need a canvas widget. The widget on which we can draw any char at any place. Something similar to pure lcd usage. We will be able to set cursor at any position in canvas and put char. Internal pointer will allow us to stream chars one after another.