CharLCD on PyPi

There is last step do to with Char LCD. It is to publish it on PyPi. From now you can easy install package by:

pip install CharLCD

How to add your own package ?

Check if you have latest pip version

sudo pip install --upgrade pip

Create PyPi account. First on test server next on production. Next create file .pypirc in home folder:

repository =
username = 
password = 
repository =
username = 
password = 

Uploading project require three things: compiling, registering package and uploading files.

python sdist bdist_wheel
python register -r test
python sdist upload -r test

Quick check if package is installable:

pip install -i <package_name>

And if everything seems good upload to production:

python register -r pypi
python sdist upload -r pypi

And that’s all 🙂


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