Triac, opto-triac and relay

I found my first version of power control. It has 4 channels and consist of triac and opto-triac. It was controlled via centronics. From what I remembered one channel is toasted. Looks very bad but was working!
I cut wires and made some RPi friendly connection for one channel.

It is a lame copy of this:


This nice version arrived some time after v1 was made but it waited almost 10 years before soldering! I put it together 2 weeks ago. It has power filter,  nice board layout and opto-triac is switched on by transistor (and not mounted directly to port like v1 :P)
And seems both versions are not working anymore but I think now I know why.

This arrived few days ago, shiny and new relay board:


This small brick is a 2-channel relay module. It is quite noisy comparing to triac version. And that’s why I’m gonna fix v2 🙂 Hopefully 😀



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