Get Noticed! / Daj Się Poznać

This is a contest about blog and what is more important about an open source project. My friend told me to join so I will try and do my best:)
What scares me is requirement of two post per week. So called daily live takes lots of time and additionally sometimes reading technical info and putting it into code takes a lot of time 🙂
But it is gonna be fun 🙂
See more about contest here (pl):

What will we do? – A Doton project
Main goal is to create a control node on Raspberry Pi with touch screen. Screen is a small TFT 2.4″, ideal would be finding Pi Zero in good price and use it (they are overpriced in my country).
So we need a window manager to display controls and lots of workers. What is worker? It is a node that do something like relay to control light, inet weather grabber, temperature sensor and so. I’m thinking about LCARS based GUI but I’m not sure if it will fit on small screen.
But this is main goal. Steps to it consist of: TFT and CharLCD, ProxyLCD and TFT, RPi and relay, Symfony and monolog, GfxLCD and TFT + Graphical LCD. Maybe even NodeMCU and TFT. Proximity sensor, movement detection, light sensor and who knows what else.

GitHub repository


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