Windows 10 IoT, Python and ILI9325

My friend suggested me that I should write Doton in a .NET. A Huge challenge, I never thought about it but maybe we can do some research in this matter?
I installed Windows 10 IoT edition on my Raspi, started Visual Studio 2015 and.. stopped 😀 I had no idea what to do. Googling and I found something that was beautiful and crazy at the same time.
It was an information that we can use a Python… So maybe we can port a project to Windows 10 IoT? Let’s see!


It is not as simple as it sounds, follow those steps:
I had few strange problems but they resolve on their own. Like I couldn’t add _wingpio_d.pyd as the reference.

The quick read of documentation and it should be relatively easy to port GfxLCD. One that requires change is replacing GPIO import with windows version.
Files copied, demo prepared and.. epic fail!


This was strange and I really can’t believe it. Was has failed? An

import gfxlcd.driver.ili9325.gpio as driver

Intellisense helped me insert this path but it just won’t work. So importing module failed… googling… and still no go. The system cannot see this path and cannot import.
But I can import file that is on the same level as the main one(that is named So I moved gpio driver to and ili9328 to Next, I copied all functions from parents and.. it worked!
Just like that. With only replacing one import… impressive.
I still have no idea why I cannot import modules… I will look for an answer but maybe someone knows it?

It is alive!

It really worked. I’m still surprised. But there is no such think as performance.. it is so slow that I couldn’t believe. I even measure the time required to fill the whole screen (it is around 5 seconds on a Linux and Python) and here it is freaking 3 minutes 35 seconds !!!(1111 O.O).
With such result, it has no sense on digging more. Let’s forget about Windows 10 IoT and Python if we want to keep some level of sanity.

But not all is lost. I will try and learn C# and try again, someday 🙂


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