Hi !

This blog will be about my adventure with Python, Raspberry Pi and NodeMCU.

I always wanted to do a crazy projects like autonomic robot, intelligent home and play with electronics.
But it was when com, lpt, gameport were on the top. My best shot was programmable switch for 230V connected to lpt.
So I started with Python thinking that one day something will change, I even overslept Arduino boards.

Everything changed at the beginning of 2014, I saw Raspberry Pi and without much thinking I bought it. I didn’t know what to expect, but after playing with it everything changed. World was never the same again :). Those GPIOs ! I could, with few commands do whatever I wanted.. its so simple. And everything was possible with Python (yes I got some kind of obsession)

First LCDs connected to gipos, learning about i2c, 1-wire, spi, it gave me a new strength 🙂 I learned so many things, and I’m still learning. I started as noob, no idea how to use soldering iron :).  Everything I had was python knowledge and ideas.

Half year later I’m still happy and looking forward for more fun :). Some years latter I’m still in it!

So why start a blog about it? Maybe because it is easy to do:) And maybe one day this one person who by accident visit it will find something useful 😀

But who am I ?
My name is Bartosz Kościów, I’m from Poland. I work as a PHP senior developer/team leader at Da Vinci Studio.
After work except for Python & electronics I like to play a board games.

If you have any questions, ask:) Maybe I will have an answer 🙂


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