Docker for ARM, Python3 and PyQt5

Docker, Docker everywhere… you open the fridge and.. docker with butter and cheese, Docker may save the day but it may also make it horrible… But it doesn’t matter if you like it or not. Docker is here, its containers are everywhere. So lets join the flow 🙂

We will dockerize ProxyLCD in CLI mode. No more running the app manually:) Laziness !

Jenkins and Docker

As it sounds strangely I lost VM like in I can not find it 🙂 And this VM was quite important because it had Jenkins configured for my Python projects.

But what was it? This VM tested my code for pep8 and pylint violations. It also executed nose test. Not much but allows keep code much cleaner.

I think it is a good opportunity to move to Docker. After rather long time (way to long) I have something that is a compromise between ideal and useful environment.