My dictionary

char lcdbuffered char lcd – display type in CharLCD that works on buffer and display content on flush.

char LCD – display that can output only characters. It is based on HD44870. Size range from 8×1 to 40×4.

CharLCD – Python module to handle char lcds

(message) event / (node) event – part of message, tells what is happening

graphical LCD – lcd that can operate on pixels.

I/O nodenode that can get some input from user or get some output to user. like display, keyboard

iot:1 – custom protocol to communicate between nodes, uses message to transmit event or response. It uses UDP broadcast

message – content/event that is send to/from node

node / remote node – a device in network that do something. it may be raspberry pi, nodemcu, arduino, desktop computer

NodeHD44780NodeMCU board with attached char lcd

NodeMCU – board based on ESP 8266

ProxyLCD – desktop app to manage remote char lcds. Opens port 5054 and stream data to lcds

ProxyLCD Bundle – symfony bundle that integrate with ProxyLCD to send debug output

Raspberry Pi – mini computer

TFT LCD – Thin-Film Transistor LCD. For us a big graphical lcd.

workernode that can execute some work like turn light, get temperature, open window

virtual LCD – mode in CharLCD that can join few char lcds into one or split one into few