Goal of this project is to create software and hardware that will help me every day.

I will use it for simple tasks like displaying weather (currently from, alerting me when thunderstorm or rain is coming, informing about mails – and read them when asked. To control lights from phone/tablet or by voice.  Send alerts about meetings.

More advanced tasks, like informing when person is returning home (gps position and range from geo point), turning off lights when no one is in the room or controlling home temperature. Connecting with weather station would be also nice.

Tracking people around home and reacting to their actions (like asking for water), imagine a drone bringing a bottle of water because you asked for it.

There are much more tasks to help me with so things that I wrote here are just a sketch.

But everything got its beginning and I have much to learn. I began with phase 1. Learning about electronics, understanding all those interfaces/technology like i2c, spi, rf433. Learning is a cure for ‘impossible’ disease.




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