Case versions

First versions (v1, v2 and v3) were with Raspberry Pi B. Version 1 was not so big but there was problem with heat and floating cables. Also 1/3 of hub was outside 🙂 System included powered hub, old 32GB SSD, WiFi usb dongle. Case of course made from LEGO 🙂

Second version was bigger, even has small shelf for SD cards.
v2_1    v2_2

And for the first time LCD was on the top. Later another LCD appeared on the front. You can also see a small board on top – its I2C and power adapter.
v2_3    v2_4

Version 3 had front lcd inside. 1Wire and more pins were added on the top board.

But than B+ was relased. It’s perfect, 4 USB, lots of GPIO’s and good output placements. And so current version (v4) was made. Without hub and without SSD case is quite small. Another board was placed on top – I2C keyboard
v4_1    v4_2

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