Brain is Raspbery Pi B+.

I use mostly I2C (for now) so I made small board glued to LEGO brick and I may put in anywhere on case. On this board are I2C, +5v, +3.3V  and 1wire connection. +5V goes from external power supply. Its quite primitive but do its jobs quite well.

Each LCD is connected with board that use I2C to communicate with Raspi. One has ability to toggle backlight from software. Both boards have 3DIP switch to change address and contrast/backlight regulators. They are also big but its prototype 🙂 You can see v1 (right) and v2 (left). V1 was good for learning.

Another part of system is keyboard. It have 8 buttons and 3DIP switch to select address. Unfortunately its badly made and sometimes don’t work correctly (v1).

Next step is to plug TTF and wiimote.


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