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GfxLCD – rotate SSD1306 and NJU6450

We can rotate both ILI displays but NJU and SSD are awaiting their turn. Let’s give them some attention and add rotation to them.
This will close another task on endless list of improvements 🙂
From what I see we should change drawing functions (recalculate coordinates) and flushing buffer should stay the same because it works directly on hardware.



Raspberry Pi and drawing with 8 bit page – part one

When we played with NJU and SSD LCDs we were operating on a page rather than pixels. It is performance wise because we can toggle as much as 8 pixels in one write. But drawing requires us to get current page status and mix it with a current operation.

Normally we would read data from the screen but there is one catch, they operate on 5V and this can kill Raspi.
So we will do it a different way. We will use a buffer to keep current state and we will work on it. When we are ready we will flush content to display. It may be more effective because we are skipping reads.

Code @ GitHub