ProxyLCD Bundle

ProxyLCD – upgrades in Symfony bundle

I need to focus on my additional project in PHP. That means Doton and GfxLCD lib must wait but we will use this time to upgrade ProxyLCD project.

What is ProxyLCD? It is remote LCD that works on NodeMCU, stand alone desktop app in Python and Symfony’s bundle.
Bundle listens to dump() command and when a dump is called it parse object or array to a string, connects to an app and sends it. App gets this content and sends it to added remote LCDs.

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Symfony ProxyLCD bundle

Finally 3rd phase of project – integration with Symfony 🙂 But I’m afraid it is not the last part 🙂

What is the goal of this Symfony bundle? It will hook to dump() command and send content to ProxyLCD application. It will transform any array or object to string representation.
Source on GitHub
Install via composer, package name: kosci/proxy-lcd-bundle