Windows 10 IoT, C# and ILI9325

Last experience with W10 was terrible. But it was an edge case, Python in hostile environment 🙂
Today is time to see how W10 works in its natural language, C#.

Our test will measure how fast a screen can be filled with the colour. I really hope it is better that 3 minutes 😀



Windows 10 IoT, Python and ILI9325

My friend suggested me that I should write Doton in a .NET. A Huge challenge, I never thought about it but maybe we can do some research in this matter?
I installed Windows 10 IoT edition on my Raspi, started Visual Studio 2015 and.. stopped 😀 I had no idea what to do. Googling and I found something that was beautiful and crazy at the same time.
It was an information that we can use a Python… So maybe we can port a project to Windows 10 IoT? Let’s see!